Ulearum donburnsii

Ulearum donburnsii


Stunning species is from the Amazonian lowlands of Ecuador

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This stunning species is from the Amazonian lowlands of Ecuador. It’s stunning leaves have a beautiful variegation pattern. Only the leaves and inflorescences emerge from the soil. The rest of the plant, the stem/rhizome and roots, are underground. The inflorescence is absolutely out of this world!

The plants shown in the pictures serve as an example, you will receive an similar plant.


Light: Half shadow/ shadow

Humidity: 60-90%

Temperature: Never below 20°C at night and at least 22°C during the day. Prolonged exposure to temperatures above 28°C can have bad effects on the plant.

Water/Fertilizer: This plant likes a constant moist soil, but not wet. When the soil dries out, leaves tend to wilt or get brown edges.





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