Begonia negrosensis

Begonia negrosensis


Beautiful looking begonia from Negros, The Philippines.

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Beautiful looking begonia from Negros, The Philippines. The leafs range from light green to dark purple and are covered in bright pink spots.

It grows upwards as a cane, so a support of something is handy to help the plants growth.

last picture shows mother plant.


Difficulty: Medium

Light: Half shadow

Humidity: 80-100%

Temperature: Never below 18°C at night and at least 23°C during the day. Prolonged exposure to temperatures above 30°C can have bad effects on the plant.

Water/Fertilizer: This plant likes a constant moist soil, but not wet. When the soil dries out, leaves tend to yellow and wilt. fertilize lightly ones in a while to support the plant in growing and blooming.


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